How does EatNatural product work?

The products of EatNatural diet are soluble in water and they may be purchased in menu packages.

Who should use EatNatural products?

Everyone who would like to lose weight, regardless the gender.

Are the products free of gluten?

Yes, the majority of the products is free of gluten.

What am I supposed to do if I get hungry during the program?

EatNatural diet allows two meats per day (lunch-dinner) during the duration of Detox2, but only if you choose from foods listed in the instructions of EatNatural products of course!

How much weight can I lose?

Ha az EatNatural termékeit a használati utasításnak megfelelően fogyasztod, akkor a Detox1 és a Detox2 végén (14 nap), minimum 4-5 kilogrammot fogyhatsz. Természetesen, egy kis mozgással e feletti eredmény is elérhető.

What makes the diet successful?

If you comply with the nutrition program recommended by us, and if your food consumption does not exceed the allowed amount.

Who can I ask if I have questions?

If you have questions in connection with the diet and the products, contact us:

Who can I ask if I have technical questions during the purchase?

If you have questions about the purchase, payment method or with the delivery, write us:

+36 1 240 0871
Monday-Friday 9-16h
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